Welcome to my blog!

 In Introduction

Hello!  I’ve started this blog as a way for patients to access information I can uniquely provide, to be able to give my insights on topics related to women’s health care, and to be able to make announcements related to my practice.  As this is my first entry here, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself.

I’ve been practicing Obstetrics and Gynecology for a little over 8 years.  This gives me enough time in the field to be considered “experienced”, yet not so much that I am out of touch with the most up-to-date medical knowledge.  I treat normal and complicated pregnancies, provide routine gynecologic health maintenance (i.e., Pap smears), and treat a variety of gynecologic disorders.  My specific interests include minimally invasive surgery, particularly procedures for irregular or heavy bleeding and permanent birth control.

I pride myself in providing the best medical care possible, while maintaining the personal touch often missing in today’s medical practice.  My pregnant patients will benefit from my personal cell phone number, so I can always be reached.  I deliver all of my own patients, even if I am not on call for our practice (there are 5 doctors).  So, unless I’m out of town, or have a family emergency, I will be there for your delivery.

As an added convenience, I will be offering Tuesday evening and Saturday hours (starting September 7, 2010).  For anybody who works full-time, or who has difficulty making it to a 9-5 doctor’s appointment, this should help.

Over the next several months I will be adding brief articles to this blog, with information that I hope will be useful to the reader.  If there are topics you wish to see me discuss, or any questions you have about anything you read here, please feel free to contact me at HarrisOBGyn@gmail.com.  Or, visit me on my website, at www.HarrisOBGyn.com.

Until next time!

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