Women's Wellness

Nutrition and Supplementation

Your body uses the foods you eat to create the necessary components for optimal structure and function.  In simple terms, how you look and feel is directly related to how you eat.  Nutrient deficiencies can exacerbate, or even cause, illness.  Medications, including bioidentical hormone therapy, require attention to nutrition in order to function optimally.

Using an individualized approach, our Nutrition Services work to help bring the body’s chemistry into better balance, leading to improved health and well-being. Our licensed Nutritionist will help you with your nutrition goals – whether they be weight loss or maintenance, reduction of physical symptoms, or optimal wellness.

The best way to achieve ideal nutrition is through dietary changes which address both what we eat, as well as how much – a concept we like to call “eating your way to optimal health”. However, we recognize that it can be difficult to obtain all the required nutrients from food alone. So, a key aspect of Nutritional Therapy is the judicious use of nutritional supplements to add back those nutrients which can prove challenging to obtain through dietary means.


Needle your way to better health with acupuncture. This 5000-year old curative practice calls for the painless insertion of tiny pins into distinct points on the body. It has been shown to benefit many health problems, as well as emotional and spiritual imbalances. While a single acupuncture session can provide relief, results are cumulative and multiple visits are usually recommended.

Massage Therapy

Comprehensive Massage Therapy is one of the many effective strategies for decreasing stress and increasing wellness.  Our massage therapists use their hands to work your muscles and soft tissues to relieve pain and heal injury. A new study recently published revealed other positive health benefits of massage therapy.  Among the list of benefits, massage therapy has been shown to ease anxiety and depression, improve immunity, lower blood pressure, improve sleep as well as increase energy levels and reduce cortisol levels.

Reduce Pain & Improve Immunity

University of Miami’s medical school research has shown that pain reduction and improved immune system function can be seen as a direct result of massage therapy. The research emphasizes the effect on infants and pregnant women and illustrates massage therapy can increase weight gain and boost the immune system of premature babies.

Activate Healing

Other discoveries show that post-exercise massage can actually turn off genes that are associated with inflammation and can turn on others to heal the muscles . It has also been linked to aiding ailments such as osteoarthritis and chronic lower back pain. Massage therapy often works best when paired with traditional medicine.

Our therapists devote their talent and energies to guiding our clients toward a path to restored health.