Welcome to a refined and redefined approach to Gynecologic care. In addition to routine services such as Annual Exams, Dr. Terrence W. Harris provides evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of gynecologic issues.  Using state-of-the-art techniques, Dr. Terrence W. Harris will work to personalize your treatment plan to suit your needs.  Some of the advanced treatments provided by Dr. Terrence W. Harris include:

Endometrial Ablation Procedures for Excessive Bleeding
Several technologically advanced treatments have been developed to insure your menstrual cycle remains under control.  Dr. Terrence W. Harris is an expert in many of these procedures.

Permanent Birth Control
Procedures are now available to provide a permanent birth control solution, without the need for major surgery.  These techniques are non-invasive, require minimal anesthesia, and have next to no recovery time.